SalivaDirectTM Saliva Collection Kit

  • Collection kit for Saliva DirectTM approved labs.
  • Specially labeled with Saliva DirectTM designation


The SalivaDirect™ Saliva Collection Kit can be used to collect samples for the SalivaDirect PCR test that bypasses the RNA extraction step and uses interchangeable reagents and instruments that are routinely found in clinical labs.

This is a Non-invasive, simple, quick saliva self-collection method that allows for unsupervised collection. It is suitable for Back To School testing.

Saliva collection tube fits most automation liquid handler racks and has a standard-sized cap compatible with commercial de-capper systems.

Overview Description

The SalivaDirect™ Saliva Collection Kit is the trusted solution that saves you valuable time and staff resources. The kit includes an easy-to-use funnel, collection tube & screw cap, plus a specimen bag with an absorbent pad to secure saliva samples following collection.

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Individual single-use peel pouch to protect the kit

Includes Specimen Collection Bag,
Absorbent Pad, and
Alcohol Wipe

Saliva Collection tube

Saliva Collection funnel

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