GS Biomark Can Help Your Lab Enter New Markets with solutions for group testing.

For schools, nursing homes, offices, and other organizations, saliva collection is the simplest and most practical option.

A Complete Solution for
K-12 Testing

 Our complete solutions simplify the testing process.

We handle school on-boarding, student and staff registration, test ordering, sample management, and delivery of results.

SalivaDirectTM tests can be self-administered, streamlining the sample collection process.

Avoid disrupting learning by keeping schools open with regular, simple, efficient testing.

Simple and Efficient process,
ideal for Workplace Testing

Processes to make workplace testing easy for organizations of all sizes

  • With a ready supply of products and no backlog inventory, labs are never left without the testing components they need.
  • Enhance organization safety with solutions to easily implement regular testing.
  • Cost-competitive solutions make workplace testing accessible to all organizations.

Logistical Capability to Support
Large Institutions and Events

Comprehensive testing solutions you can handle mass testing with ease.

  • Partnerships with industry leaders provide you with the best test collection solutions available.

Our Covid-19 testing kits and logistics support make Covid-19 testing easy and convenient for any organization to manage.

GS Biomark is Proud to Offer

SalivaDirectTM Test Kit

The Unsupervised Option

The SalivaDirectTM Saliva Collection Kit is the trusted solution that saves you valuable time and staff resources. Our kit includes an easy-to-use funnel, collection tube and screw cap, plus a specimen bag with an absorbent pad to secure saliva samples following collection.


Implementing back-to-school Screening with Saliva DirectTM

Listen to Dr. Sarah Comstock discuss her experience
with Saliva DirectTM.